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Thinking of upgrading to Android table, looking for app


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Hi all. This is my first post here. I have no previous exprience ith Android, but amthinking of getting an Adroid tablet. My goal is to replace my notebokk(as in paper notebook where I take notes); however, I do not know if there is an Adroid app that will mimic the functionality of my notebook. Here is what I need:


  • The app should let me write by hand (and if possible, but not critical, convert my writing to text)
  • Allow me to draw sketches and diagrams and be able to save them
  • Be able to enter contact info.,usually name, email, phone and if availble website
  • Enter dates for appointments, events and other time sensitve stuff and if possible create a calendar, although not critical


I usually carry my notebook around with me almost everywhere. I use it to jot down ideas, notes and whatever else can be put in writing.


I love my notebook, but...


  • I now have a collection of old notebooks with still useful info, but mostly unaccessible because I have no way to organize it. In most cases, I don't even remember where I wrote it down.
  • I have no way to easily transfer information from the notebook to my PC, other than manually entering it or redrawing it.


I am thinking of replacing my notebook with a tablet, but I do not know if such software exists that will help me organize all the notes and information that I will jot down. Does anyone know if an app like this already exists? Thanks!!! Great to find this resource! Saga



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