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Messaging app (stock) not using full phone number to send text/sms


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I am using Android 4.2 Jelly Bean stock Messaging App and the get "message not sent" error whenever I use my contact to send the message. I noticed that the Messaging App might not be using the full 10 digit number to send the text/sms. If I manually enter the full number, e.g., 155551234567 then the message is sent successfully. But if I use the contact then it only shows in the top display that 123-4567 number and then it will fail to send any text/sms.  I see this in the "view details" too. 


How can I set the Messaging App to use the full phone number? I did not find any setting for this anywhere so far.


Thank you for any help.


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Well, that looks like the problem with the country code ! Do you see an difference like when Android system put number starting with +15555.... then messages doesn't sends while when you put the number with 1555... then the messages were sent out ! Well, one more thing where did you get the device from this error is usually common with the users who have got their device from some other region and they are running some different firmware customized for the other region i.e. the default country code ! 

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