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What tablet would you recommend?

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I want to get a new tablet and I really like the ipad air, but I use a galaxy s5 and I want my phone and tablet to integrate. I dont want to switch to an iphone unless I have to (I really love my galaxy). Is there a tablet that in your opinion is as fast and user friendly as the ipad, but runs on an android platform? I think I would want something I can hook up on a plan, not just wifi. My phone is through verizon, but I would be happy to have an additional contract through another company if the device was right.


I think people might suggest only having 1 device and upgrading to the note 4, which I am against (I considered it, but I think I need something smaller as my primary device). 



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Well, so you want a tablet running Android correct ?? I would say I am going to need a little more information over here i.e. what is your budget there are a number of option available but I need to know about the budget you are looking onto and what you want your device to be used for !  

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