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Hi Folks, How are you fixed for help with OLD phones?


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Just to say Hi to everyone and ask if anyone can help me with an old HTC Wildfire S.

I'm not very experienced with mobile phones, my main one I've had for 18 months is an S3 i9305 lte which has a SIM only contract and Works perfectly...fortunately!


My landline and ISP, "TalkTalk", have now given me as a freebie SIM, complete with 100 mins, 200MB and 250 texts every month, which is why I now have this HTC Wildfire S, from a friend.


Whilst waiting for my free SIM, I have fitted an old PayGo SIM,... just to get to know the phone.

It seems to have been re-set as there is no trace of the previous owner on it, and I have only downloaded the Gmail App, and the OneDrive App.

Soon after doing that, the phone started updating some apps, among which were Google maps and Google Play.

I noticed these took quite a long time, and afterwards, I was warned that space was critically low...and would I like to delete some apps to make room?

The phone offered to delete either Onedrive...4MB or another app (something to do with Google play) I can't recall the name, but since it was taking up 34MB, that was the one I chose to delete..immediately, the phone warned me that if this app was deleted I would still be able to use the basic features of Play store!

Having deleted it, I'm now wishing I hadn't: There don't seem to have been any consequences ...yet!

Can anyone tell me what it was I deleted, and if I can get it back and maybe take a different route?


Finally, is there some way to view and access the 4GB SD card which seems to be empty?




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Well @Six-h first of all I would say you have posted your question over the wrong category I would say you need to post your question over to the appropriate category in in order to make your question more available among the users over this forum anyway coming back to the problem your are experiencing you can try removing some useless application installed over your device to start with I would say first consider removing those application which you don't use most of the time, you can also try clearing some of the space by clearing the dumpstat/logcat file by dialing *#9900#, and select the second option i.e. Delete DumState/Logcat file ! Once done exit it and then again try installing app from the store like some cleaner app, du booster or ccleaner to clear the junk residual files stored over your device! See if this helps you :) 

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