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Hi I have a pendo tablet stuck @ the pendo logo I have tried running it flat unsoldered the batterys nothing there is no reset hole and pendo support when I rang them didn't really care so I hung up lol now what happened the tablet did an update reset and gets stuck there... The tablet worked fine till then please help thanks for reading

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Well, yes mate I think I can guide you with this one, there are two ways to perform hard resetting on first one is you can perform a factory resetting by heading over to the setting to do that 


1. Press the menu button on the Home Screen. 
2. Tap over the privacy option. 
3. Tap Factory data reset.
4. Read the disclaimer (if you really want to usually it has things written that they are not going to take the responsibility if your data gets lost..) then Press Reset.
5. Press Erase everything.
6. Restart the DoDo Pendo Pad, you will see the phone as a brand new phone.

Second method to do that is 
1. Hold the Volume Down button.
2. Then press and release the Power button.
3. Wait a minute,the menu appears that allows for Fastbook, Recovery, Clear Storage, and Simlock.
4. Ok,press the Volume Down button to choose Clear Storage.
5. Next,press and release the Power button,Wait for the DoDo Pendo Pad to restart.
6. You will see the two options: Volume Up for YES and Volume Down for NO.
7. If you choose YES, all data will be deleted from your DoDo Pendo Pad and including third-party applications.
8. The DoDo Pendo Pad will reboot to its original data.

See if that helps you with the hard resetting thing ... :)  

Disclaimer: If anything goes wrong I am not going to take responsibility :P Usually things will not get wrong but anyway I have to do this otherwise if your device gets totally messed up :angry:  then you will be searching me to take my heads off my body !  :o

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