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Lollipop OS ?

john linn

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@john, first of all sorry for the delay in responding back as was little out of the forum for christmas and new year ! :D Anyway wish a wish you a very Happy New Year 2015 and secondly the new things about Android Lollipop !

- Material Design: Fluid, Purposeful motion. 

- More secured device.

- Improvements over the battery - You can keep yourself switched on a little more longer than previously you do !

- Also includes new way to control notifications.

- Whole new interface for quick settings and more 


You can head over to the official page of Android located over here for more in depth information what more it offers to you !  

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  • 6 months later...

The notification UI is a little different as well, and it makes it possible to control basic functions of your phone (Wifi, Bluetooth, flashlight, airplane mode) without having to navigate to Settings.  Also - Android Wear is all based on Lollipop, I think it will run on KitKat but the kernel that actually runs on the watch is all 5.0+.  Probably a few other things too, like being able to cast your screen to a ChromeCast.


It's mostly about Material Design and animations, though.  It looks prettier.

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