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Possible android virus - Diagnosis and/or removal


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Hi, firstly, apologies if this is the wrong part of the forum to ask this!

I've got an Acer E380 running 4.2. I suddenly seem to have a load of "apps" in the settings>apps>all list, apps such as "MTK logger", "MTK android suite Daemon" and others such as "omacp". 
These all have worryingly high amounts of permissions - all are allowed to send texts, call numbers, access, modify and create contacts, accounts, etc. I have no recollection of installing these, and it looks to me to be some form of virus (and a little research online seems to back this up). 
I've run kasperskey and AVG virus scans yet they say my device is clean - so I'm now at all as to what to do?
Is this a virus and if so, how do I remove it, as there seems to be no .apk that has caused it.
Many thanks

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Well, I would say if you think that those are not the system part then why don't you perform a complete factory resetting over your device ? It will put your device by the time you have purchased it and it will also get rid of those apps which you are suspicious about ! But yes make sure that you have made a backup of your data before proceeding as factory resetting your device is going to wipe out all the data stored over your device !  

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