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Iphone 6 Running Android


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So I got a Iphone 6 for free from my dad that works out of the country and it runs android, now ive Never had a iphone nor have I liked the IOS but ive been messing around with this one since I got it today and just wondered if anyone else knew more about it and could let me know id also like to know if it could be rooted or what all its capable of.













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Well, I don't know much about iPhone I have never used and iPhone in my whole life but anyway for an added information over here I would say iPhones are not rooted rather than the term we used over iPhone is jailbroken ! ;) Also this is an Android forum so I don't think that you will find your answer over here rather than you may need to head over to some iPhone forums and all.....anyway Congratz for a new iPhone :D  

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@Jayesh I don't think @OP over here isn't trying to ask something over here rather than OP was trying to know what more he can do with his Android device as he/she is coming from iOS and now the OP is kinda new over it. So if you have anything specific in terms of feature you want to point out then that would be much good ! :) 

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