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Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini - Google Play Store WIFI Issue.


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Hey guys, I have a Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini Mobile Phone and have had it for around 3-4 months now with no issues. I have issues now with the Google Play Store, it doesn't recognise the fact that I have a wifi connection even though all my other apps see the internet/wifi connection and utilise it. I have this issue on at least 2 different routers in 2 different locations, one at home and one at college. Both of which worked before with Google Play Store up until a couple of days ago.


I have tried restarting the router of mine, to no prevail.

Tried forgetting the wifi and then reconnecting, that doesn't work either.

I have also tried seeing if it was a problem with Google Play Store (as a guess) using the Mobile Data, that WORKS.

I have also tried visiting the Google Play Store through the Firefox and Chrome browsers on my mobile, that doesn't work.


So, could anybody help me out please? Google Play Store doesn't work with Wifi, but works with Mobile data. This isn't good because I have a low-end plan so I cant really download games through data. How do I fix this issue?

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Well, in that case I would say did you tried clearing the cache and the data stored by the Google PlayStore ?? If not then you can head over to the application manager which can be located under the settings, tap over the application manager, swipe left to all and then look out for the Google PlayStore app tap over it force stop the app if required and clear the cache and the data stored once done again try restarting and see if this time things works great for you ??? 

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