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Can't access Bootloader & Looking for a different ROM


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 The device was getting very hot, running slowly, & the battery life is horrible. Thus I wanted to fix it.


1. I can't seem to access am GS 4's boot loader for the life of me. I have tried volume down + power + home & volume down + power + home. Neither button combo does anything. My phone just boots normal after releasing the buttons. Is there a trick? This is child's play on Nexus devices. I wanted to wipe the cache partition.  ** The phones's security policy disallows that from within the OS :( (fork you Samsung!) I wound up doing an FDR instead.




The partition wipe is one of the standard troubleshooting steps we where taught during agent training at google.



2. I am looking for a less bloated rom for this thing. T-mobile's stock OS has too many annoyances and blot. I would like the Google play edition rom but I can't find ANY variants of it anywhere. I know where to get the Nexus roms but not GPE.


Another thing:


The phone went through the wash. Probably why the unit is having all there problems.


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