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Coolest Clock the best smart clock ever can operate through App

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When I first heard about Coolest Clock I was not impressed by the name alone. Sure, I envisioned a sleek, innovative and modern clock, but what I discovered was so much more!


The Coolest Clock is a projection clock with smart faces, customizable skins, integration into Facebook, Twitter, personalized weather app, breaking news updates, sports scores and more. Its wall mounted and plugged into a power source where you can control it with your smart phone via the app. Your smart phone will allow you to customize the information you get via the clock projection. This modern integration would allow the user to send updates to anyone who can view the clock such as their location or update a to do list or send a shopping list from anywhere you are. Need a little motivation in the morning? Customize your interface with inspirational quotes and motivational sayings.


In addition to the power source and customizable settings you can do via your smartphone, you can also sync the Coolest Clock with your phone so that it is on and projecting only when the phone is nearby, that way your Coolest Clock’s energy isn’t spent with only the pictures on the wall to appreciate your Facebook updates. Automatic adjustment for Daylight Savings Time adds to the user-friendly interfacing as well as allowing for multiple time zones. This is a great feature to keep an eye on the times of family and friends all over the world.


In short, the Coolest Clock is just that: absolutely cool. From the futuristic design, the adjustable wall projected faces or the multiple integration via your phone it makes a great addition to your plugged in modern tech and stylish lifestyle.The Coolest Clock campaign is a fully funded Indiegogo is still running. Currently, the lowest option to get the clock at the early bird discounted rate is to snag it up for $189 including International Shipping. Early in the campaign launch the clock was available for as low as $149 but this option has sold out.


If you want to get the clock in reasonable price check the below link







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