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I recently bought a 3DS since the price came down, and I gotta say I'm becoming very attached to the small glasses-less 3D display. After having played with it on my 3DS, I would love for my phone to display this way. As far as I know there are only a few Android phones thus far that have 3D. Is it any good? Or do you leave it turned off, can you turn it off? Does anyone here have both a 3D phone and a 3DS for comparison?


So far my only real annoyance with 3D on the gameboy is that it requires looking at it pretty directly, as a result using the gyro functionality temporarily causes the image to double since you sometimes turn or tilt the device. Eye tracking could be a fix for this, but certainly not something I'd expect from a "toy" any time soon.


I've typically looked at 3D as a gimmick, but the 3DS has rejuvenated my hope for it.

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