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Low on storage after Lollipop upgrade


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A couple of days ago I upgraded my HTC D816x to Android 5.02 (Lollipop). I was then unable to install a largish new app; insufficient space in internal (not SD card) storage.

I looked around; I am not alone in this problem and others were given advice that did little. So far, me too.

Here is what I have done:
- Uninstalled seldom-used apps
- Done a factory reset and restored apps
- Moved all apps to SD card
- Cleared all caches

This has resulted in a trivial improvement.

Here are the current figures from Settings/Storage:

Apps - 2.96GB
Photos & videos - 10.43k
Other - 4.40GB
Available - 652MB


From Storage Truth app:
size: 2264.5M
used: 1766.0M
free: 498.5M
size: 4400.9M
used: 3652.2M
free: 748.8M

I have:
- No Facebook, Twitter or other "social media"
- No games
- No movies

I am guessing that Lollipop just simply uses a lot more space and there is no cure.
- Is this the case? Am I really super-limited in what I can now install?
- If it is, why are users not informed and given a choice?

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