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How do I change my message tone?

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I am new to Android (moved from iPhone). 


The Android version installed on my phone is 4.4.2 and my handset is a Huawei Honor 6+.


I cannot find anywhere within sound settings, where I can change my message tone. In sound settings, there is an option for phone ringtone, which is the tone when calls are being received. There is also a notification ringtone option. I have changed this, but it does not change my message tone.


Would someone be so kind to advise me where I need to go, in order to change my message tone alert. Thank you.

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Hi neildexter!


It's quite easy to do this. The message sounds are not changed through traditional sound settings. Open your messaging app, and in the message list, tap Settings > Select Ringtone. From there, you should be able to select a pre-installed ringtone or any sort of music you have on your device.

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What you can do is just go in the phone setting then choose the sound from the list and then choose Sim notification 1/2. Because it’s a dual sim phone , so it depends on your choice for which sim’s message tone you want to change. Select the required Sim Notification option and then  select tone as per your choice.
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