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Galaxy s4 on boost


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Hey, I recently upgraded from the moto e to the Samsung galaxy s4. I am on boost, and the s4 is from sprint. I had the boost store flash the s4, and it is activated on my account. However, the sim from my moto e does not work in the s4. I get 3g for the first 15 mins after restarting the s4, then I get an error saying the sim has not responded, and now the sim is locked until I reboot the phone. At no point do I get 4g. So I called boost support, and they told me that the particular sim I was using is incompatible with the phone and that I should go to a boost store and purchase a compatible sim. Today I went in, said I had a s4 from sprint which had been flashed to boost, and the sim from my old boost phone isn't compatible with the s4. They sold me a new sim for 25$. I went home, popped it in, and the exact same thing happens. I have the international version of the phone, and from what I can tell is that there is no way to do a "sim unlick" on it, so I guess the question I have is, should I be running a sprint Zim in my sprint phone for it to run properly, even tho I am on the boost network?


Thanks for any help!

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