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MHL Adapter Causes Wifi to Cut Off


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I have a Sony Xperia SP, but from what I've read on the internet this happens to other phones as well.

Simply, when I plug in my MHL adapter, it causes the Wi-Fi to turn off. If I turn it back on, it just says my network is "Not in Range" despite the router being 2 meters away from me.

Only when I unplug the MHL cable does it reconnect.

In the past, it NEVER used to do this before, and nothing has changed since. In fact, the other day I did a complete reset of the phone and reinstalled Android 4.3 so everything was factory fresh.. still doesn't work.

I've tried changing channels on the router like some suggest.. to 5, 13 etc, and this has does nothing. I've got the USB cable plugged into a powered USB source (Xbox 360) but that doesn't help.

I'm getting really pi**ed off with this. I was planning to record some Android games for YouTube, and now because many games require an internet connection to download data, I can't play them.

I've just purchased another MHL cable (it's a no-name one, though) to see if that's the cause. If not, then I'm at a loss.. my phone must be defective. Like I said, up until a few months ago, it worked perfectly fine and nothing has changed in between.

if anyone has any ideas, I'm all ears.

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