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Recommend me a portable power bank for my android smartphone


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hey guys, im going travelling for about 3 months or more shortly and am looking for a bank which will help keep my gopro/phone/tablet charged with me on the go.

I have read many reviews but am still undecided on what to get. as well I'm unsure on size capacity that will help keep my items charged. i will be doing some hiking for up to 4 days off the grid too and hope to charge my cameras if need be.

thanks all.

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I know Xiaomi has a 10,000 mAh battery pack. I haven't used it, but who can beat a 10,000 mAh battery for around $20. There are some solar power banks that are look pretty good and have decent reviews. This one on Amazon, http://www.amazon.com/HAPPYCOCO-Resistant-Rain-resistant-Shockproof-Usb-charged/dp/B00V3JH546, looks like a really good one. It is only 5,000 mAh for $20, though. then again, there are always other options and unique types of chargers form ones with flashlights to ones that can jump-start cars, but those I just told you about seem pretty good and have good reviews. Hope this wasn't too late and happy traveling.

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