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Adding icon to 'choose an action' ?


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Hi Everyone, Android newby here so go kindly on me.


I have a problem on a Lenovo 10.1 inch tablet. I use a seedbox via google chrome and within the web interface i can add torrents to the seedbox.When i click on choose file button, a box pops up that says 'choose an action'.(this is from android not chrome as i have tried numerous web browsers)  There are numerous icons like camera,camcorder,music,gallery,photos etc. My problem is the file i want to choose is in documents which isn't listed as an option. I also have a nexus 7 tablet and that gives me the option of 'documents' which i choose and can open the file i want but not on the lenovo.


My question is there any way of adding a 'documents' icon to the list of 'choose an action'?


I have googled the problem for hours and tried a few play store programs but non of them do what i want.


They all mention setting default permissions but this is not my problem.Adding an extra icon to the 'choose an option' list is all that i want.


Any help would be most appreciated.


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