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wrong region/no service


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Hello every 1.

Device: Huawei G740


I have no signal on my device, no service at all. 

Can't call even emergency, and can't find any network manually.

I guess it's after I'w installed new firmware(stock), and ?maybe? it was wrong region. 


It wouldn't be a problem if I could install new rom from my region, but I can't, because my bootloader is locked.

Can't downgrade too.

And i can't find any newest rom for my region the same version I'w installed.


Ofcorse I can't get bootloader code from huawei support. And my recovery is still stock phone rooted.

Maybe it's something about that csc, or maybe I don't need install new rom, just change something.


Please help me:

maybe some1 know how to change region in situation like this, or get bootloader code, or get my region version.

Reading mutch about this, but can't find any sollution.


Sry long post, but if some1 can help I try to give as much info I can, and will give more

more info

------------this is info from dc unlocker 

Serial NR. : G8V0214718001**** (same as on my phone's back)

Firmware : M8930V100R001C00B165_AMSS May 21 201421:14:09 


----------my phone settings>about shows other information

Serial- other 1

and version G740-L00V100R001C432B178 (it's WEEU version I guess, I live in EEU)

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