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How do I get rid of "ant store"?


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So few days back I noticed weird behaviour of my phone and when I went to menu i saw this "Ant Store" so i googled what it was supposed to be (sth. like google play i suppose). Since I already had google play and didn´t need it i wanted to delete it but no can do. So for the meantime I force stopped it and dsabled it. Also I´ve done my antivirus check ups and nothing came up.

On day 2 I noticed unfamiliar app that I have no memory of downloading or the posibility of anyone of my family members to do it. I couldn´t do an update of my antivirus. Isimply deleted it and downloaded one that was suggested to me so I run the check and see that the "ant store" is apparently a trojan I can´t get rid of. I also set my phone to factory reset but it is still there.


Has anyone the same problem? Or can someone give suggestions?


I have android 4.2.9 running on iGet Blacview JK450.


Thanks for all the advice.

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I have the same problem .

Yesterday on my mobile Tronsmart i just wanted to open 1 of my application what i use every day and on my mobile was installed "ant store", and many other applications. I rayed to install anti virus but could not  because of full memory. Than i eject sc and sim card and somehow installed anti virus but didn’t uninstall ant store. At that moment my mobile is not for use any more, when i try to make a move on my screen with finger mobile get crazy and do what he want to do - open all applications, close it, open internet, even try to install some other plication what i dont want to be installed.  Have anyone find the solution to fix this problem?

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Hey, happens the same to me, I have a Doogee Latte 450DG (which is almost exactly the same mobile as the Blackview JK450). In my case apart from the ads appearing any time I couldn't write to my microSD, and downloaded the Avast antivirus app (free) to check for something wrong. First you have to check the option in settings of "Internal storage scanning" to see what's in your device. It showed that in the download folder I had an .apk called zz.ant.apk or something like that, and erased it from the computer, as I couldn't erase it through the smartphone. I still have the app (disabled) and the annoying ads, I guess that the only option is to root your phone to erase the apps that cannot be uninstalled the normal way, like this one.


If anyone has further info, please tell. Thanks.

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