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Flash Trivia Game in ActionScript 3


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Hi there


For my final major project I am creating a multiple choice Flash Trivia Game for android OS. I am creating it using ActionScript 3 but dynamically loading the question and answer content from an XML document .So far I am successful in creating this game and able to code the functions etc correctly, but I am coming across a problem which I cannot get over! :(


Basically so far I give the user 4 answer options, but when I give the user just 2 options to pick from, although I just changed the content in the XML document, its unable to proceed to the next question. This happens to every question with 2 answer options


I was wondering if someone out there can please help me, it would be much appreciated! :)


"RangeError: Error #2006: The supplied index is out of bounds.

at flash.display::DisplayObjectContainer/getChildAt()"


If you would like me to post the whole code so it gives you a better understanding just let me know and I will


Thanks Guys!

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