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Request a widget for a URL Link?


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Probably a dumb question, but... I DO know how to add a widget to the sceen for my Nexus 5x, running 6.0.  (long press screen; select Widgets; pick one)


But, a week or so ago, I also added widgets for some LINKs/URLs like  www,foxnews.com  At first, I had a "standard" widget come up.


Then, I did something that I no longer remember, (I think it was called "request a widget) and a very clear FOX NEWS widget was substituted.


I am trying to do the same thing with a local movie site www.rockytop10.com but don't know how to get their unique widget. I do know that on my prior Nexus 5, I had that special widget for that URL, so it does exist someplace.


I hope I am using the right terminology here.  Any assistance appreciated. 


thanks   richg99

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