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Fixed Location with GPS/LBS


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Hi there,


For some reason, while sitting at Home,

my GPS Location is Fixed at a location about 10-15 Meters away, in the middle of the street.

Strangely this only happened since a few days ago.


It takes me about 30-40 Meters Distance to that point until my GPS reacts and behaves normally.

I didn't change any settings that should have caused this behavior.


I'm using a ZTE Blade V7 Lite (Android 6)

This strange behavior occurs whit any GPS related app,

be it Google maps, or any other Map, or apps like Ingress or Pkm-Go


I tried disabling WLAN, Bluetooth

deleting my location history(and disabling it)


Other in my vicinity(even those living in the same house using the same network)

do not have this problem


Any idea how to get my actual location back?


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