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Help with ip connection.. is phone hacked?


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Sorry in advance for my ignorance.. the app I use as a firewall NoRoot Firewall shows me the phone apps below wanting to contact this ip address: port 47005. A lookup of this address shows its going to Korea. It worries me because the app names show it contains very specific and private information of my phone. Thanks for any light on this.




Accessibility,Android System,Battery drain info,Bluetooth,com.lge.leccp,com. lge.provider.systemui,com.qti.service.c olorservice,com.qualcomm.atfwd,com .qualcomm.qti.tetherservice,com.qual comm.timeservice,corn.quicinc.cne.0 NEService,Content Adaptive Backlight Settings,ELTest,Emergency Alerts,Font Server,FOTA Test,Fused Location,GCU-V,GNSS Air Test,gnsslogcat,GnssTest 1.2,Hidden Menu,Home selector,lnput Devices,Key Chain,LDB,LG Backup,LG GNSS 2.1,LG P2p Service,LG System Re-sources,LG System Server,LG WFDS Ser-vices,LGATCMD Service,LGlnstallServic e,LGSetupWizard,LocationServices,Lock Screen Settings,MOCA2.0,My places,My Places Engine,Nfc Settings,QuickMemo +,Quickset SDK,Restrict idle apps,Ser-vice Programu,ServiceMenu,Settings ,Settings,Settings Storage,Shutdown Monitor,Smart cleaning,Smart Config,S-mart settings,Software Update,Touch control areas,WbcService,Wfd Servic e,WfdSpMirroringSourceService,Wi-Fi

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