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Location based friend finders.

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Hi everybody,


I am travelling a lot and I always want to meet new people wherever I go. I am now relying on couchsurfing for that, but I think it is too much of a hassle because you have to prearrange everything. I would like to use an app that allows me to add and chat with members wherever I go in realtime. Like a list of users in the neigbourhood that is shown in realtime and whom I can add without them having immediatly acces to all my personal details.


I hope this makes sense a bit... Does anybody has any suggestion what app I might use? I am just discovering this world of technological possibilities so you would help me a lot.


Thank you in advance.




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I don't know if anybody is reading, but I found this through a friend:



Does anybody know this?


They have some sort of competition




I think I will participate. They don't have many users yet, but it can be something I will be able to use for my travelling.

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