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[Q]Telus Samsung T959D stuck in Recoveryy

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Ok so I was in the process of putting a custom ROM on my Samsung SGH-T959D yesterday and the cord slipped out on my in the middle of the process.


Now I cannot get into "Download" mode, I can only get to Android Recovery Mode . The biggest issue I am getting is that the internal SD card is not mounted now and none of the options it gives will let me do anything.


Also, my phone is not being recognized by my computer so I can't use Odin. In a sense my computer does recognize it but only as a CD-Rom...


I have read numerous threads that say to push files from my pc to sd card but I am unsure as to how to do this with my PC not recognizing the phone as a mass storage.


Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. And yes I have tried multiple times to figure things out.


Phone Info


Telus Samsung SGH-T959D

GB 2.3.3 (What was on the phone anyway)

When running it registered a storage of 2GB and another of 13+ GB plus I can put my external sd card.


Android Recovery

-Reboot System Now

-Apply update from sdcard

-wipe data/factory reset

-wipe cache partition


E:failed to mount /data/fota (No such file or directory)



If their is any other info that is needed please just ask and I will give you what I can as I will be keeping an eye on this thread.

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I think if this was me and I was just going to take this head on with out looking up any info. What I would end up doing is pulling my SDCard putting it into my Laptop which has an SDCard Reader and formatting the SDCard. Then I would slap it back into my phone and see if I could use the recovery on the phone to get it to recognize the card again. Then I would reformat the card using the recovery tool.

Then I would pull the card back out of the phone and put it back on my laptop and then put all the .zip files needed to be extracted for the ROM on to the root of the SDCard and try the install again.


That is personally what I would do. I don't know if this is the correct method though.

I should say as well. If I put my SDCard in my laptop and I could view the files on it. I would save the files to a backup folder on the desktop.

Then after the second reformat you can slap them all back on.


Sorry I cannot be more help. I am running a bit behind right now and have to get out.

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I think the worst that will happen is you could end up wiping all the data off your phone. Once you get the phone up and running again it would only take a few hours to get it back to the state you once had it in though.

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