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Can I install Java app in my phone?

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My phone is samsungGTI5500 (samsung galaxy 5) , Can I install Java app on it?

My android version is 2.3.7 (CyanogenMod 7.1.0)


Thanks in advance

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There's actually a complicated answer to this question, but it is possible, sorta.


If you're the author of the java app in question you can get it running but it will require you change some things. That is to say Android doesn't support J2ME out of the box and actually was written as a more powerful alternative.


So if you have a J2ME application that you want to run on Android device, you want to port the code to make best use of Android API features and achieve best performance. While basically all of the core Java libraries are there, stuff like Swing and AWT libraries are not, so your GUI will require an overhaul.


If you are not a developer and are rather just looking to run something existing, perhaps something like the link below can help. I'm not certain it will though. Good Luck!




Also this supposedly tries to automate the conversion from jar to apk, but is likely buggy.



This bridging library may be of some use too, here you go just in case.


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As far as I know, Android device cannot support JAVA App. Maybe there is some other solution.

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There's a solution for your problem, sshuvro58, or even two. First but probably you won't use it - some of android devices has java emulator installed in stock rom, for example LG GT540 can run java games and apps. It was my first Android phone and all files were working fine.

Second solution - JBED. It needs root and works on better phones.

Just download this ZIP file: http://j.mp/IuzllF (version for Android Gingerbread)

and flash with CWM.



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My cell have android version 2.3 but try more to install the Java application on my cell phone but it's not working it show question mark on my application symbol means it not support J2ME.





Mobile App Development

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