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White Galaxy Nexus


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So not that I'll be buying one of these myself, couldn't if I wanted to since I'm on Verizon, I just was curious about people's sentiments here towards the two tone design of the white Galaxy Nexus. A ton of people seem to absolutely hate the black bezel but I for one thing it looks better that way. The Super AMOLED screen on this device melts right into the bezel if you use dark themes. It almost looks as if there is no bezel at all, which I really like. While many were calling this design ugly, I feel polar opposite. I think the pure white Nexus looks gross, especially with the black box for onscreen buttons. That would have to become white I think. Maybe its just me though, since I think the white iPhone looks terrible too and loads of people love that...


My Google TV has an all black front and white back, it looks pretty good IMHO. In short, I would much rather have the two tone nexus than an all white one. Although even despite my carrier not having it, I still would pass since it would end up looking dirty. My buddy's white fascinate became sephia tone. Ew. :P


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I think what kind of makes me laugh is all these people wanting white phones but end up getting like otterbox cases and what not that covers the entire phone anyways.. So you end up seeing the white on the phone once every few months when you have to pull the battery out because it froze lol!

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Nah, I don't like the white cause they don't stay white for long and like Psywar said, you use a case anyways lol

Plus I like having the 32GB one. I have some friends who may be interested though by the lower entry point.

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:) :) :) :) :) :) I use samsung I9300 galaxy s111(16GB),but i need a white case to protect it back . have any one know where i can find one ????? but i have heard one from my friend ,she told me that Bzcome have many kind of cases of any telephone about android. i want to visit and to see how is work.any suggestions tell me .thank you!!!!! http://goo.gl/oOhVW

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