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Does iphone have better connectivity than Samsung Galaxy SII Epic 4G Touch?


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I'm new to smartphones and sparing what time I can to climb the steep learning curve. Any helpful info about the problem I'm experiencing will be appreciated!

  • I'm running an app to process credit card charges. The location I run charges from has not changed.
  • My carrier is Sprint. The data plan has not changed.

When I had an iphone, the app worked speedily with never a failed transaction. But I didn't care for other aspects of that phone, so I switched to this Samsung.


Now, the app is slow: I often have to sign in twice because the first one doesn't go through, and processing is noticeably slower and even times out about 30% of the time.


Since everything else is the same, I'm thinking it's the hardware, and I'll need to go back to the iphone for trouble-free running of this app.


Please share your experience/knowledge--TIA!

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