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Can I get some advice about a rooted phone, apps and memory?

Tank Girl

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I have rooted my phone, and I have installed busybox, titanium back up, and Super User, and apps2SD, etc.


I am running out of space and as I am not really sure what busybox does can I delete it? I read somewhere that I should have it but......


Titanium back up I dont think I need as I can save everything with the adb cmd no? And what is Super User for? I can live with out it, no?

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Go into Menu>Settings>Applications


If you click on each of your apps it will show you an option to move your apps to your SDCard.

If you just installed apps2SD and did not move any then they are not on your SDcard. Just downloading that app does not auto move them for you.

So you could possibly gain back more space by doing that.


Titanium Backup you do not need. But it is a great free backup tool.

Super User you do need. Or at least that was the whole point in rooting your phone was to get Super User access to apps.

I would keep busy box. Some programs use it.

Normally though any ROM you install will have it built in. So if you personally installed it, you can probably get rid of it.

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