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Google TV

Jack Holt

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I have been kind of wondering what exactly is the point of getting one?

I have a Samsung Blu-ray player that has "apps" on it that allow me to do pretty much what my phone does.


I think the only thing it does not do is actually have a web browser to view web pages.

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I have the NSX32-GT1, a.k.a 32" Sony Google TV. I would say its definitely a good idea to wait for the next generation. Mine has the update with Android Market but there are close to no apps for it, and I'm pretty sure thats largely in part due to gen1 Google TV's using Intel Atom processors. As it is now, most every app is designed for ARM.


Having the web browser is the real benefit of Google TV at the moment, that and the Sony TV being, IMHO, gorgeous.




If your looking for cheap smart TV, I can't recommend the Roku LT enough, and there are a handful of Android Apps to control it over WiFi.

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If the browser isn't important, the Roku is a better value to me. It all goes back to that Intel processor. Its pretty much damning for current gen Google TV cause there are no apps, and you still cant watch Hulu on it FFS. The Roku can.


That's not to say I don't enjoy mine. Netflix works great on it, as does Google Music, and YouTube. I can't give you the full picture though because I don't have cable tv and another main feature of Google TV is to search channels for content.

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I have a Logitech Revue, and to be honest, I love it. The advantage over systems like Boxee is that it works on the same input as your main signal, meaning I don't have to switch to AUX1 or VIDEO2 or anything like that. It overlays on top of your current input. This makes it much more useful and convenient. My wife can even use it to watch Netflix a lot easier than having to boot up our Xbox, login to my account, and then find and launch the Netflix app.


I dig mine for the same reasons... and it was only $100 :-) I also think it's cool that you can watch TV over an app with the pic-in-pic function. Now if it would only get the Hulu+ app! That's the only reason I have to boot up the PS3, well, other than gaming.


@ED. Your gonna have to tell me how to do this sideloading of apps! I have yet to try that out. Got any app suggestions?

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