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Want to test a Android Phone


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I am currently a Nokia Lumia 900 owner and have been a huge Windows Phone fan for about 8 months now. There are still some lingering issues I have with WP7, one of them mainly being the notifications system.


I haven't messed with Android in roughly 1 year, right when 2.3 came out. I originally ditched Android because the OS was buggy still, never got updated and the battery life was terrible do to the task management. I was looking to test out the latest and greatest Android handset and see what phone works best for me either Android or Windows Phone.


I want to know what phone should I try...I have some must haves though and some likes:


Must Haves:


  • 4.3" screen or bigger
  • Battery that will last all day on medium usage (7am-11pm).
  • HSPA+ or better
  • Android 4.0 or higher
  • Must work on AT&T
  • Dual core or better
  • Good camera


Likes (not 100% a deal breaker)


  • AMOLD display
  • LTE
  • Quad core

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Doesn't GSMarena have a search function for features? And then they will tell you the phones that have the features you wanted?


I was expecting something else,... more like the physical handling of display models lol for the ergonomics. :ph34r:


But seriously, once you have android, you will not want to go back to Windows. :wacko:

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