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Downloading music to Android phone

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I'm looking for an application/service that will allow me to download music to my Samsung Galaxy Mini.


I have three demands.


1. It should not involve a PC or a USB cable, or any external device. Music should download directly to the phone, via 3G net or home WiFi.


2. It should be pay per song, not a monthly subscription.


3. It should not be iTunes ( I want the musicians to receive what's due, but I hate the idea of paying 30% to the Apple shareholders)


Is there any such App or service provided?




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Beemp3.com allows you to download music directly to your mobile phone via 3G/Wifi and it's free to use and download.

I think it will help you in saving some money. You can always send that money to me. I'm poor.


Best regards sir B)

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