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Comparison of the 2 mainstream Android PC Manager


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Hi guys, as I am working on a project on a Android Phone manager on PC. I need your advise on whether it is needed by the vast android users! And what function/feature is needed with the presence of the GOOGLE services.


Here, I will made a comparison of the 2 android mangers that have been live for a while. Hope this can give you some ideas of what function/feature you need.


And please do told me what you think of them. As well as what you guys need.

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Here are two popular android phone

Moborobo and AirDroid


Air Droid is extremely convenient, you just need to install an App, open your browser to start managing your Android, using WIFI connection. But to me, browser is not a safe place to manage my date like contacts. And Air Droid don't provide backup/restore service.


Moborobo has the backup/restore feature, you can save your contacts on your PC through backup/restore, it's safer to do that on your local PC than doing that on the web using services by google and other App. But instead, you need to install a client about the size of 20M. I hate this.


AirDroid has integrated the Google Play, you can search download, and install Apps on Google Play using AirDroid.


On the other hand, Moborobo provide an open platform build-in App Market, now I found PandApp.com has worked with Moborobo as a content provider. Think there will be more. But why doesn't Moborobo work with Google like Air Droid does, it will be more official!


Both of the offers WIFI connection. It seems like a trend for Android manager to have that kind of feature.


But none of them provide features that help you root your phone. Do you think it is needed?

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