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Must-have apps for Android

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Personal opinion, this is a list of Android apps that you should have on your Android device. Of course, there are hundreds of thousands of apps in Google Play, if you like any others and think they are "must-have apps", free to leave a comment below.

1. Dropbox

Everyone knows what Dropbox is and if you don’t you should get it. Cloud storage for all your devices so you can access files from anywhere, on any of your devices. An extremely helpful app that is free and uses someone Else’s storage space.


2. AirDroid

Transfer just about anything you can think back and forth between PC and your device over Wi-Fi with AirDroid. As well as that you can send messages, update contacts, change ringtones and control most things you would want to from your computer, all through a web-based interface.


3. SMS Backup and Restore

If you are an Android User who has a rooted device and tests out new Roms regularly, but wish to keep your SMS messages on your phone, or maybe if you are just a bit of a paranoid parrot, then SMS Backup and Restore is an app for you.


4. Moborobo

Don’t waste the seconds it takes to open up your browser and type in moborobo.com. Moborobo is a leading Android Smartphone Management Software that can be installed on your Windows PC. With Moborobo, the management of your Android Smartphone becomes fun and easy. Manage contact data: Sort, find, organize and backup your contact data, such as your contact list as well as your messages. You can create groups for your contacts and import/export them between your pc and your device.


5. Pocket

Pocket is an Android app that allows you to save web content to view later. Saving the content within the Pocket Android App, you can view it at your leisure at any time on your Android device, or even send the list to an email to be accessible from wherever you like.


6. Google Maps

Google Maps is one of the most useful apps available for Android. Plot courses, get guided towards your destination or just look for better paths. Google Maps is an excellent GPS navigation tool for Android users.


7. Wikipedia

Open up your browser and type in Wikipedia.com. Open the Android app and type in your search that is sure to deliver you with the best Wikipedia results for your search terms. Provides all Wikipedia function so get it now.


8. Angry Birds(multiple incarnations)

It seems like everyone in the world has or have had a go at Angry Birds. Don’t get left behind as someone who hasn’t experienced it. Plus, it’s a great time waster for those periods of utter boredom. A new version with new game mechanics is released every now and then, so the fun will never run out with Angry Birds.


9. Go Launcher EX

Go Launcher EX might not be as fancy looking as some of the launchers that specialize in animations and cool effects, but I dare say it's more functional than many of them. My own reason for using it has a lot to do with the widgets, both in terms of functionality and the ability to make them look the same.




Well, those are my own favour. Sure, not everyone will enjoy all of these apps.You can provide what you are interested in. Or if you like the list of apps, you can have a try!

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Mine are Dropbox, Jorte, K9 mail, Scoremobile, Netflix, Pulse, TuneIn Radio, Mixzing


Mixzing?I Google it and find it looks great. I used TTpod before.

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I am a root user. Custom ROM's, ad blockers, tethering apps overclocking. So i got root apps and dropbox to carry files between ROMs


Super User


Ad-Away (root users)


Six Axis Controller (root user)




ICS Browser+


Real Calc



Google Maps is big too but i don't think i need to include a link for that

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I've used AirDroid sometimes - it's a very good app. You can control your phone through your browser. Just test it yourself :)

Moborobo I never used, so I can't say anything about it.

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