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Android App Review #4 : Nickname Nonsense

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Im guna start trying newly released apps with less then a 100 downloads and giving reviews every day!

Here's my 4th app review.


Todays Android App: Nickname nonsense



Pretty much its simple, you type your name in and its gives u a crazy funny name. Their motto is you never get the same nickname twice. We'll see.biggrin.gif


the app is a little sketchy and the art work isn't really all that BUT they stay true to their word and i haven't received the same nickname twice ever, and it was fairly funny


i came across it today. I was kind of impressed by what ever algorithm they are using to produce nicknames. and it is un-stumpable so far. Definitely worth a download tho. wonder if any one will get the same for their name?


if you do email them any of your thoughts, they will tell u that if u some how get the same nickname twice they will send you a brand new sony vaio -

* like their crazy i tried for a lil while . Supposedly it only has happened once to a boy in Tuscan, Arizona. I'll try my luck !




7/10 kept me busy for a lil while smile.gif


What are your thoughts?? Ever stump the algorithm yet?


BTW my nickname according to the app is : Davey CurveDick damn smh

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