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I do now just barely condone the droid, maybe I am getting old...too. So here it is, and listen up Google!

When I call I am mostly doing a lot of different things and have even more to do.

When I call I find myself listening to.... nothing, take my phone from my ear and see I am looking at some intermediate page, not a dialing phone! Here is what I want:

=I need to be able to calibrate my finger with a cross hair so the phone can learn where I like to point. This is not new it comes back in many existing applications so why not the phone.

=selecting contacts should be less of a picking of needles and I have already a good ID how to fix it.

=After you select the contact to dial, I understand you need the confirmation page, maybe...,but I end up selecting "contact visibility" in stead. Now who in the world came up with that! What contact visibility means I still don't know, and don't care, it certainly is not as important as my call, so make that green button three times as big, and I will be a happy camper. (these issues aggravate as less time is available for the call; in a hurry)

=Then I want to be able to hang up on all subsequent pages that I can confuse myself with and a clearer picture of when I do hang up. I call overseas and I hate to entertain from a distance as I try to find a way to simply ...hang up the phone. It sounds old-fashioned but don't loose the basics!

O.K. there it is, am I right, am I wrong? Lets get the party started.....anyone?

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