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Those of you with a Google TV need to try out the Able Remote for your phone or tablet. You can easily customize the remote and add apps to the remote itself so that you can quickly start them. It also makes it a pseudo-DLNA in that you can browse YouTube videos on your phone or tablet and then share it right to the Google TV. This works for web pages as well as photos and video on your phone or tablet. So if you are browsing a web page on your phone, hit share, then choose Able Remote and the web page is now on your TV. It won't work for sending movies from a media server, but so far this remote is the best one for sure.


It's free, but it you want to get into macros or customizing the remote buttons, it will cost .99cents with an in app purchase. Oh one other thing, it has voice commands, which I haven't tried yet.



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Thanks for including the link Rob. I just downloaded it. I'll try ti tonight and report back.



And four and a half hours later... wow... Able Remote really works great! I can not only control my Logitech Revue completely but it also read all the controls on my cable box intuitively somehow. It can control the viewing guide, DVR and settings menus on the cable box. There is some tweaking to do. When I hit the power button, only the cable box turns off. I would rather the entire television power down with the box. I also haven't had my surround sound hooked up in a month or so since the new carpet went in and I had to pull everything apart to move it. I've just been too lazy to put it all back together. Now I think a weekend project is going to be to get it all up and running and working with the able remote.


Awesome find Rob.

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