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Promblem with FPSE emulator.

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Hi there, I'm having a problem with FPSE emulator because sometimes I got a message that tells me "FPSE is got exited..blah blah blah" then all of a sudden it hangs. I'm using Lg optimus net dual with 800mhz processor and 512 RAM. Some of my friends told me that they didn't encounter that issue and maybe because it depends on OS version..I'm currently running GingerBread 2.3.4..please enlighten me and help me with this issue..thanks in advance.

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Your phone doesn't have near enough processing power. Playstation emulators usually need a smooth heavy lifting processor. FPSe will start to hang up on my overclocked 1.5MHz dual core galaxy tab if the gameplay gets extensive. I can't image it on a single core 800MHz


Mileage will vary, some Android devices just do better then others at some things. But i would more then likely say your processor isn't strong enough. Next time it happens get a task killer and kill everything not absolutely necessary

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