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Which Tablet would you choose?!


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Asus Transformer Prime TF300 at the moment


Its the only one on that list with a quad core processor. Plus its ridiculous battery life, the keyboard dock, and ASUS record with updating in a timely manner. it is the best tablet in my opinion

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Yeah its cool and all, if I didn't already have a tablet I'd be vying for something like that, but still, haven't seen a tablet released that made me look upon my Xoom with utter disgust and rush to craigslist to dump it and move on. (This was the situation between my Samsung Charge and Galaxy Nexus lol).


I honestly like most everything about the Xoom. Sturdy magnesium build, latest greatest software without "enhancements," good size user base for ROMS and such, and its was the first so there's a nostalgia factor lol. So yeah doesn't keep up with everything out there, but it will take more from new products before I feel the need to switch.


However, in accordance with your original post, if I was given a fist full of cash and told "have at em tiger" then yeah, I'd also pick the TF300.

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