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Need Help Selecting Android Device

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i want to know how will 7inch screenandroid tablet operating running android 4 be for android apps n games.the main thing i want android for is games n apps to some extent too.i mean compatibility or screen resolution problems.Also,i selected about five android phones running 2.2 upgradable 2.3 with resolution 240x320 ( coz it's too low in nokia ) . Please suggest me coz i dont wanna regret after purchase.how much processor , Ram, Rom ( if available ) will be suitable ? Plz plz plz answer . Thnx in advance ! [email protected]

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You have to be careful with low end Android devices. If at all possible you want a tablet that runs Android 3.2 or even better 4.0 with a resolution of at least 1280 by 800. 1GB or RAM is big too.


Phones are a little different but again you want to avoid the low end devices. Phones should at be running Android 2.3 if not 4.0. At a recommended resolution is 480 by 800 but 480 by 320 is acceptable. RAM should be at least 512mb in a phone.


Processors is both tablets and phones should AT LEAST be ARMv7 processors clicked at least 1GHz. The Cortex A8 architecture or better is preferred but A5 is acceptable is some cases. The higher the better. if you can get dual core processors then you are in a good situation.


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