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I added some tips to post #4 of things that have worked for me to get great photo's on this thing.


Anyone get one?


I got mine in the mail yesterday!


I have not been able to use it or activate it yet though.


HTC or Sprint made an oopsy with my phone. They put the wrong phone in the wrong box.

The DEC# on the box does not match the one on my phone.


So, long story short someone else got my phone and I got someone else's phone.


So I have been waiting for Sprint Tech Support to call me back with an update or fix.

Kind of a bummer. Oh well.. Hopefully I will have it up and running tonight.


Let me know what you think of it, if you got one!


Evo 4G LTE next to my OG Evo 4G.



Side by Side shot of both phones.


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I just use gmail. So I don't know how to fix that.

The battery life is awesome.. After about 8 1/2hrs of heavy/moderate use I am usually at around 45% battery.


The camera is freaking sick!

If you did not know, video recording has a Slow Motion setting. Oh man, it is awesome! Very fun to play with.

This is the first slow motion video I made with it.




I look like a bad ass walking away from the camera, but then I start hopping around like a little hoe and ruin the bad ass-ness lol!



I found if you have pretty good lighting conditions.

Set the ISO to 100, Sharpness to +1 it takes pretty damn nice shots.


The Depth of Field is phenomenal for a cellphone.


If you got two objects. Touch the object on your screen you want in focus and then take the photo.. The other object should get sorta blurred.


Right now the software is a little jumpy trying to focus on things so I noticed if you touched the screen on what you wanted to focus on you end up with better shots.


I would also recommend (if your really in to taking photos) to turn on the grid. I find it easier to take nicer photos putting your object you want in focus in a grid box and touching that box/area.

The HDR setting takes pretty decent/vivid photo's as well, but it seems to work best with stationary objects.

I do not currently have any photo's to upload and show off. I will try and get some this weekend. Mostly I have just been screwing around and deleting everything.


Oh, and apparently you cannot directly upload anything above 480p from your Device to YouTube.

Looks like you are going to have to transfer the file from your phone to your PC and then upload it to YouTube.. Kinda disappointing.

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Another Update:

If you press the Power Button + Home Button it will take a screen shot for you of whatever is on your screen.

Also Power Button + Vol. Down also does the same thing.


I read people were having issues getting the timing right on the Power + Home button.

If you just press down the Power button and then hit the Home button it works fine. You don't need to try and press them both at the exact same time.

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