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Galaxy Nexus in bootloop/other troubling issues

Stacy Bruce

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So today I decided to flash a new experimental Trinity kernel like I normally do every few days but unlike the past, this time I was thrown into a bootloop! Luckily I was able to still access CWMR and flashed my most recent backup image. Needless to say I was still a bit worried when I got stuck at the black google screen! :o


Have any of you experienced troubles when flashing something? If so, what were you flashing and what problems did it cause? Also, what was your fix? I am pretty convinced this thing is un-brickable :-)


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It is pretty hard to brick them, especially the Nexus. You would likely only brick it with an absurd kernel that fried the components. My most common bootloops occur from being lazy and forgetting to wipe data when switching ROMs. An easy fix at least, boot CWR, wipe data, wipe caches. I did make it act a little nuts when I was playing with those very early hacks for Wallet. That's the only time I had to rely on the stock images for getting it straight. So sweet to have them handy.

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I do not have the Nexus, but what Jim said applies to any rooted phone and to anyone who flashes anything.

In your case since your just adding a Kernel you should wipe the dalvik cache and regular cache. The dalvik cache is stored in /data so when you wipe it you should see some space free up. I believe (don't quote me) the dalvik cache works with the Android OS and executable files to optimize them for use on the phone.

There should be an option to do this in the recovery area on the phone.

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My most common bootloops occur from being lazy and forgetting to wipe data when switching ROMs...


I love my Nexus too, like you Jim the only times I ever boot loop the device is if I forget to wipe data, cache or restore my TB app back ups with the app data. Other than that, I have yet soft brick the device.

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