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Help with Mid A10 tablet


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Two questions

Does it have the Google Play Store? If not then the tablet, most likely, isn't support my Google and shouldn't have most of the Google apps on it like GMail, Google Play, or Youtube.


What version of Android is it running? Go into settings, about device/tablet. It if running 2.3.x then you won't have a People app, you would just have contacts. If it is running 4.0.x then it should be using a People app instead of a contacts one.

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Thanks for your replies.

I DO have all the Google Apps & a Google account.

version is 4.03 The model number is A710

I cannot find "People" or any contacts app on the tablet or in the shop.

Any further suugeestions please?

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That app could have been hidden by another app or launcher. Have you completely checked your apps list swipping left and right not just up and down?


If you don't have any sensitive data you are worried about losing you may want to considered a factory reset.

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I too have the same problem as eyemax and he is correct, there is no peoples app. When starting an email, and when typing the first few letters of an email address in the 'To...' box the contact address will appear and clicking on that enters the address correctly, so the contacts are there somewhere but I can't find out where to edit them when necessary. My tablet is an ZTPad from Hong Kong running ICS.

Another thing that is driving me nuts is that when typing anything, in any program, almost every word is underlined because it is not in the dictionary. Even the simplest of words. I have tried downloading other keyboards without success. Maybe there's an app for that but I can't find it nor can I think of the correct words to use in a forum such as this to get help.

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There are many tablet manufacturer that announced tablets powered by ACT-ATM7029. Such as Ainol,Ramos and AMPE. I spent much time comparing them. Any one know which one is best? Ramos W41? Ainol Novo 7 Venus? Or Ainol Novo 10 Hero II?



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