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What are you listening to?

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Simple question. What are you listening to?

You are welcome to just name the song or you can share Pandora Last.FM stations or even YouTube videos.

You can post multiple times just try to avoid spamming the thread.


Right now i am listening to Pandora



Its my A Day To Remember Station

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Pandora is great. One of the best apps out there. I even paid the $35 for the pro version because I have it on everywhere I go. I see that you can listen to other people's stations though and I found that a little odd. Maybe I'm just OCD but I spent so much time tweaking and perfecting my own stations. Liking one song and not another and so on, until the thing knows exactly what I want to hear. I can't imagine anyone else would be that interested in my choices though.


I did give your station a listen bd. It was pretty cool. I'm just saying I can't imagine anyone else would want to hear one that I programmed. I'm just not that hip. :mellow:

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I think its a cool app because its good to have variety, as well as if you find people with similar taste, you can learn new artists in the same genre that you were not aware of.

I just constantly need a battery charger though... I use my phone way too much during the day.

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