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Anyone else here an MMA fan? If i have two passions in the world they are technology and the sport of MMA.


MMA, to me, is the epitome of athletic talent. Fighters have to be trained and disciplined in not just one art but many arts. The a boxer comes into the sport looking to knock some heads loose he is going to get submitted. If a wrestler comes in looking to control their opponent they are going to get caught with a knee during a takedown attempt. It is a constantly evolving and currently the worlds fastest growing sport, led by the UFC.You are welcome to share video, experience, stories, favorite fighters etc but avoiding constantly spamming the thread.figured i'd start with some heavyweight action.


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Does UFC count?

The UFC is the world biggest MMA organization so yes, it counts lol


speaking of which. Here is UFC Light Heavyweight Champion Jon Jones fighting against Lyota Machida, This is a legal fight provided by the UFC approved youtube page so no copyright issues here lol






Also here is a Bellator FIghting Champions match between Bellator Light Weight Champion Eddie Alveraz and Michael Chandler. Again this video is provided by Bellator's official youtube page so no copyright issues



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